Principal Protection; Lessons Learned

Principal Protection; Lessons Learned

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Author: R. E. Rick colliver

Edition: 1st

ISBN: 0578107589

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Number Of Pages: 414

Publisher: TERRAPIN Group Publishing

Release Date: 2011

Details: Protection, like any other process, is evolutionary. And we should agree that a large part of any evolutionary process is failure, which is another way of saying "learning through our mistakes." As the title suggests, this book is about the lessons learned through several thousand years of trial-and-error, creating and adopting best-practices, striving to provide protection for persons of public interest and others at risk. This book was originally envisioned as a companion text for courses in protective operations. But as it evolved, it became apparent that it is a valuable guide for specialists and managers employed in the protection field, to help them enhance and add value to their own vulnerability assessments, protective operations, and security management. The end result is a massive book that is both broad in scope and depth of detail not found in run of the mill cookie-cutter books that focus on guns, cars, formations, and AOPs. Principal Protection; Lessons Learned goes far beyond these basics and provides the reader practitioner with a wealth of applicable information and knowledge that can only be acquired through extensive study and actual experience. It contains of wealth of information not found in other books on the topic of protection.

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